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23-24 October 2017, Santiago, Chile
ELAN Network Event Chile 2017

Technologies and Business Models for the Energy Challenges of the 21st Century.

5-6 October 2017, São Paulo, Brazil
ELAN Network Event Brazil 2017

Health and Biotechnology: generating new business opportunities in Brazil.

4-5 July 2017, Lima, Peru
ELAN Network Event Peru 2017
Technological solutions for an integral urban growth. Sustainable business Latin America-Europe.
27-28 June 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina
ELAN Network Event Argentina 2017
New technological businesses between Europe and Argentina to address challenges in Industry 4.0, Energy and ICTs.
13-15 June 2017, Bilbao, Spain
ELAN Network Members Meeting Bilbao
Annual network members meeting held on 13th-15th of June in Bilbao.
7-9 April 2017, San Jose, Costa Rica
ELAN Network Event Costa Rica 2017
Nano/Biotechnology, ICTs and Renewable/Alternative Energies: innovation as key to generating successful technology business based opportunities
7-9 November 2016, São Paulo, Brazil
ELAN Network Event Brazil 2016 
Building Business Opportunities in Brazil: Matchmaking between European and Brazilian firms in health, renewable energy and ICT.
26-28 October 2016, Santiago, Chile
ELAN Network Event Chile 2016 
Healthy food: new technologies and business generation.
05-07 October 2016, Bogota D.C., Colombia
ELAN Network Event Colombia 2016 
Biotechnology and ICT: a space for articulation of challenges and skills
03-04 October 2016, Lima, Peru
ELAN Network Event Peru 2016 
Sustainable cities: achieving efficiency in the city
19-21 September 2016, San Jose, Costa Rica
ELAN Network Event Costa Rica 2016 
ICTs in environment, health and high performance computing as key for technological business opportunities.
05-09 September 2016, Espoo, Finland
ELAN Network Technical Mission Finland 2016 
Sustainable business from Bioeconomy, Renewable Energy and Digitalisation.
ELAN Network Event Argentina 2016
19-20 May 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina
ELAN Network Event Argentina 2016
Challenges of development in Argentina, identifying innovative businesses based on new technologies,  sectors linked to ICTs, Biotechnology and Energy.

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