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ELAN Network leaflet (English)  

ELAN Network (European and Latin American Technology Based Business Network) is a space for collaboration, co-generation and development of technology based business opportunities between Europe and Latin America.



ELAN Network events and missions in Latin America. Calendar 2017

Six events are scheduled to take place in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru; and 4 missions in México, focused on generating technology-based business opportunities. European and Latin American companies will have the opportunity of participating in activities that will help them establish new collaboration projects. 


Summary of Opportunities in Latin America 2017

Some examples of the opportunities identified in Costa Rica, Argentina, Perú, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. Document prepared for the RVO-ELAN Network Event (The Netherlands, 31st May 2017).


ELAN Network Event Costa Rica 2017 Flyer 

Flyer of the ELAN Network Event Costa Rica 2017 'Nano/Biotechnology, ICTs and Renewable/Alternative Energies: innovation as key to generating successful technology business based opportunities'.


ELAN Network Event Argentina 2017 Flyer 

Flyer of the ELAN Network Event Argentina 2017 'New technological businesses between Europe and Argentina to address challenges in Industry 4.0 and Renewable Energy'.


ELAN Network Event Peru 2017 Flyer 

Flyer of the ELAN Network Event Peru 2017 'Technological solutions for an integral urban growth. Sustainable business LAC-EU'.


ELAN Network Event Brazil 2017 Flyer 

Flyer of the ELAN Network Event Brazil 2017 'Health and Biotechnology: generating new business opportunities in Brazil'.


ELAN Network Event Chile 2017 Flyer 

Flyer of the ELAN Network Event Chile 2017 'Technologies and Business Models to Face the Energy Challenges of the 21st Century'.


ELAN Network Event Colombia 2017 Flyer 

Flyer of the ELAN Network Event Colombia 2017 'The role of ICTs in the productive development agenda of Colombia and especially in Bogota - Cundinamarca'.


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