Sustainable cities: achieving efficiency in the city

Location: Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (SNI), Calle Los Laureles 365, San Isidro, Lima (Peru)
Date: 3-4 October
Duration: 2 days
Organiser: Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (SNI) in collaboration with Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC), Instituto Tecnológico de Producción (ITP) and TECNALIA
Price: Free. Seating is limited
Hashtag: #ELANnetworkPE
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"Sustainable cities: achieving efficiency in the city" aims to create a space where it would be possible to  progress in sustainable local management, exchange successful experiences, as well as address the challenges that the cities that have had a vertiginous development assume, with the goal of developing proposals to return more efficient urban centres.

It will involve the participation of Peruvian and European institutions, with the aim to promote the generation of potential technological-based business opportunities .  It will be an opportunity for advance technological sectors, such as Renewable Energies, ICT and Environmental Technologies.

In order to establish a synergy between the Latin American events of ELAN Network, this event is coordinated with the ELAN Network Event in Colombia "Biotechnology, a space for articulation of challenges, skills and ICT" that will take place in October 5- 7.  We encourage all those interested, in special ICTs sector to participate in both events.


  • Sustainable construction.
  • Regional and urban planning.
  • Mobility / Transport.
  • Environmental quality (Air, Soil, Water) and urban and industrial waste.
  • Water resources.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Green areas / Urban biodiversity.
  • Information and communication technologies.



  • SMEs and companies interested in generating Technology-Based Business Opportunities (TBBOs) within the framework of the priority areas of the Local Management Agenda.
  • Regional and Local governments interested in the development of sustainable cities.
  • Technological Centres, Universities, Research Institutes and other knowledge-based organisations.
  • Clusters, business associations and other organizations of business support.

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  • Identify the challenges and challenges to develop efficient urban centers, livable and sustainable, in benefit of the residents and the environment.
  • Promote the creation of networks between the assistants to the event, encouraging the technological development and the creation of strategic alliances.
  • Create a space of exchanging successful experiences that promote real business around sustainable and efficient efforts from the cities.
  • Promote the generation of technology-based business opportunities in areas related to the development of sustainable cities.


  • Round table with international experts in order to address the future challenges for the development of sustainable cities.
  • Exhibition of success stories of sustainable cities in Europe and Latin American countries, as well as how the companies permitted that this experiences take place.
  • Co-creation  workshops for identification of assets and skills of companies and European entities that could be of utility to resolve innovation challenges of Peruvian companies, having as a result the identification of potential opportunities of business.
  • Identify existing tools in Peru to support developing businesses of technology-based, around the prioritized areas of the Local Management Agenda.
  • Meetings B2B.
  • Identify areas and prioritized projects of the private sector and the government in relation to the development of sustainable cities.


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