Building Business Opportunities in Brazil: Matchmaking between European and Brazilian firms in health, renewable energy and ICT

Location: São Paulo (Brazil)
Date: 7-9 November
Duration: 3 days
Organiser: Associação Nacional de Entidades Promotoras de Empreendimentos Inovadores (Anprotec) in collaboration with Agência USP de Inovação and   TECNALIA
Price: Free. Seating is limited
Language: The event will be in Portuguese and English. It will be translation in both languages.
Hashtag: #ELANnetworkBR

This event aims to connect and consolidate business opportunities based on technology between European and Brazilian SMEs. The meeting will provide an environment where you will find the most important agents of ecosystems of innovation from both continents, which will allow acceleration and multiplication of the business opportunities.

The event will feature the participation of Brazilian and European institutions, with the aim of promoting the generation of potential opportunities for technology-based business. It will be an opportunity for technologically advanced sectors such as: Renewable Energy, ICTs and Health.

In order to establish synergies with other initiatives, which also aim to enhance and accelerate the execution of business in the sectors selected by ELAN Network, the event will carry out coordinated activities with Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil, and also with the BIN@SP 2016 event.


  • Health:
    • m-Health and e-Health
    • Life Science
  • Renewable Energies:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Generation and transmission of energy
  • ICT:
    • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
    • IoT (Internet of things)



  • SMEs and companies (of all sizes) interested in generating Business Opportunities Based on Technology (ONBTs).
  • Regional and local governments interested in developing IT, health and renewable Energies.
  • Technology centres, universities, technical institutes, S system, research institutes and other organizations based on knowledge.
  • Clusters, business associations and other organizations that support businesses.

Please, register as soon as possible to access to the matchmaking service so that you have ample time to organise high quality B2B meetings.


  • Identify the challenges to develop business opportunities and generate spaces and mechanisms that help these challenges become sustainable collaborations between PMEs from both continents.
  • Consolidate collaboration environments already established.
  • Promote the creation of networks to promote technological development and the creation of lasting alliances.
  • Connect with those agents that support the generation of business opportunities, such as agencies that are sponsors, venture capital, accelerate businesses, are market and technological experts, initiatives whose goal is to promote businesses between Europe and Brazil, etc.


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