EU-LAC business and innovation networking forum in biotechnology

Location : Mexico
Date : 14-16 October 2015
Duration : 3 days
Organiser : ELAN Network - ADIAT with the support of CIEBT-IPN and TECNALIA
Price : Free. Seating is limited.

ELAN Network is organising a forum between the EU (European Union) and LAC (Latin American and the Caribbean) to link technology base businesses, research centers, universities, clusters, business associations and government organizations.


Objective :

Generate new businesses based on cutting-edge biotechnologies ( Technology Based Business Opportunities, TBBO), through conferences, training courses and business networking events. The focus of the forum will be on current issues on technology transfer, governmental support for technology-based firms, and technology demand and supply in the field of biotechnology between LAC and the EU.


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Attendees from LAC and EU :

  • Innovative SMEs in the field of Biotechnology
  • Knowledge and Technology Centers
  • Universities 
  • Biotechnology Clusters
  • Business Associations
  • Governmental Institutions that promote R&D

Global Agenda


Day 1: 14/10

Day 2: 15/10

Day 3: 16/10


Opening session

Presentation of technology supply and demand in biotechnology

Conference : Mexican National System of Science, Technology and Innovation

Conference: Doing Business in Mexico - Regulatory framework and Business Opportunities

Presentation of Success  Cases  in innovation, technology transfer and commercialization in Biotechnology sector

Panel : Public policies to support the creation of Technology-Based Companies

Workshop to Identify Challenges in Biotechnology:

  • Seminar: Challenges of Innovation in biotechnology
  • Panel: Biotechnology in Mexico

Business Meetings:

Business Networking

Challenges of Biotechnology in Mexico



Workshop : Intellectual Property in Mexico and Europe

Workshop: Business Challenges  and Opportunities  in Europe and Mexico

Workshop: Technology Transfer

Co-Creation: Session on the generation of new business opportunities in biotechnology (health, food and environment)



Welcome Cocktail

Networking Social Event